Les Creátions de la Maison

Brief description of the Project

Les Créations de la Maison offers an exquisite collection of fabrics where it highlights the subtle elegance of the linen and other natural fibers. Fabrics that incorporate the most modern finishes and reflect the latest trends.


An editorial brand that values honesty, quality and respect for the natural. Colors without stridencies in a palette where the subtle and shaded pastel tones are imposed along the colors of the ground. Inspired by nature, The Living Nature is a philosophy that guides Les Creations de la Maison when it comes to creating their collections.


Fabrics that dress the most elegant environments and the most refined homes, houses where fabric almost goes unnoticed, they do not steal prominence from the architectural beauty of the spaces or from the great quality art pieces. The fabric for those who know that quality and care for the smallest detail transform every space into something unique.


With the goal of contributing with their small part and to bring awareness to people about the need to preserve the planet, the MuchaTela Project is born.